The Bitcoin Promo Code Hand of the Week

On Friday, April 21st, 6zsBPC sponsored a 15mBTC No-Limit Hold-em freeroll at our favorite bitcoin casino. The following hand came up at the final table:


With the blinds at 1200/2400, the action folded to dabsofslabs on the button. Dabsofslabs started the hand with about 18k and pumped it up to 7200 with A8o. Vali246 was in the small blind, and since vali246 started the hand with about 15k, immediately shoved AKo. Now the action was on Soundgarden, who started the hand with 60k and looked down at TT.


At this time, Soundgarden was way out in front wit the chiplead. The closest competitors were the two players that had already folded preflop, theBeast812 (25k) and cjhanas(20k). Getting it in and losing would change the table completely (as would getting it in and winning). Folding would keep things about the same, and losing (or crippling a player). In the end Soundgarden did reshove, dabsofslabs did call, and the boards ran out 8Q2JQ, holding the tens and vaulting Soundgarden to a massive chiplead with 93k.

Bitcoin Promo Code - Hand of the Week GIF


Congratulations to all those who made the final table, and Soundgarden on your victory! Remember, everyone who cashed on Friday earned a spot on the April Leaderboard. Earn your spot today – click the freeroll tab - and get started! And, as always, good luck at the tables!

In my experience, the more bitcoin we share, the greater the realized value of bitcoin becomes. Share > Educate > Increase Adoption > Increase Value > Increase Acceptance > Interest Increases > Pay it Forward! (Repeat)

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