Faucet Game - 2017 Free Bitcoin Guide & Review [No Deposit Allowed]

Faucet Game is a site which combines free satoshi with some small, mostly single player, casino games, along with a leveling system, bitcoin rain in the chat, daily bonuses, affiliate bonuses, and a stern warning to would-be scammers. Overall, the combination works well, so let’s look at the pieces:

1. Free Satoshi

Like most faucets, you have an option to get a few satoshis for simply verifying that you are human. Unlike the faucets of the past, this option is practically endless. You can obtain 1-5 satoshis with each verification up to 2400 times a day. Or between 2400 and 12000 satoshis a day. For those desiring more, you can complete surveys and offers from a few offer walls as well.

2. The warning to scammers

Do not create more than one account to scam the offer walls. If you do, you will lose withdrawal privileges on the site. Period.

3. The casino games

There is a slot machine, a giant wheel, a dice game, a Plinko-style game called “Falling Fortune,” Blackjack, Roulette, a Lottery, and Poker. All games have positive edge for the user, except dice (and BJ/roulette, which are a skill game). For instance, the dice game even money wager wins for the player under 49.98 and over 50.02, which is very close to no edge at all.
Warning: POKER - if you enter a tournament game you will not be refunded (even if nobody else sits and you leave).

4. Daily Bonuses

Every day, by playing a set of games a certain number of times, a player earns a bonus. This bonus is tied to both the leveling system and the affiliate system. The bonus is slightly time-consuming, but will not destroy a bankroll.

5. The leveling system

The leveling system is a smart new way to tie a player’s participation in the site to their earning potential. When someone joins the site, they are level one, a ‘worker,’ and have access to level 1 wagering, bonuses, and cashouts. By earning satoshis and spending them on levels, a user has an opportunity to increase their multipliers for daily bonuses, bet sizes, and cashouts. A player's level is displayed next to their name in chat - where you will find players of all levels.

6. Bitcoin rain

If you do chat, you become eligible for a special prize known as “Rain” which is random in both its timing and its blessings. In other words, chatting makes you part of a small lottery which goes off every now and then. Once the rain is made, you must chat again before the next rain. Warning: Chatting costs 100 satoshis. (Update) Chat only cost 10 satoshis, due to the recent rise in bitcoin exchange values!

7. Affiliate Bonuses

Affiliates earn 8% of their user’s daily bonuses and 2% of the offers their users complete. Affiliates should be targeting people that will both stay with the site and engage. Join Faucet Game today to show some support, because it doesn't cost you anything and it helps me to do more giveaways!

8. Getting paid

When you first sign up, you have the option of verifying a few items, and you should do this. It doubles the amount of time your account can go dormant without losing its balance and gives you a withdrawal option. This is key – if you don’t do anything for 14 days (unverified) or 30 days (verified) on Faucetgame, your balance goes back to the faucet.

Best method to paydirt:

Earn your daily bonus. Start with the Wheel, move to Falling Fortune, do break even dice rolls, play blackjack and slots last. You should easily play the 210 games required with your starting bankroll of 100 satoshis if you make minimum bets all the way. The wheel is by far the most +EV game, but the problem is you are level 1. As such, you can only bet 1 satoshi at a time. I would recommend building a bankroll on the wheel and mixing in some high payout dice rolls until you hit 1600 satoshis. Another angle would be the offer walls, but if you use the same walls on other sites, this will not be an option for you. Upgrade to level 2. Lather rinse repeat and upgrade to level 3. What level you stop at will determine your cashout goals. Remember, though, ABC - Always Be Cashing ^_^

Well, that is Faucet Game at a glance. An engaging faucet with casino twist. Its fresh and its waiting for you! ..Plinko!!!

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